About Pakistan Peace Insight

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country of the world and holds a significant clout in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). It has been mired in various conflicts over the course of 69 years since its inception. It has been embroiled in armed conflicts with India over muli-pronged issues including Kashmir issue, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Siachen, Sir Creek and Kargil. It has been embroiled in conflicts within Afghanistan including the First Afghan War against USSR and the current Global War on Terror. It continues to enjoy an uncomfortable relationship with its neighbors Afghanistan and Iran.  All of this is further complicated by the civil-military imbalance, weak democratic institutions, debilitating law and order and bad governance. Despite all of this, Pakistan remains resilient till now. Its people continue to dream for a better future and hope that one day, Pakistan will also be among the leading economies of the world.

For now, internet provides a solace for the educated youth of Pakistan where they can freely vent out their frustration against the country’s sorry state.  Ironically, some quarters within government are now trying to take away freedom from Pakistanis over cyberspace. However, the desperation to express freely come what may has overshadowed every other fear. Pakistan Peace Insight is a blog founded with the same passion.

For anyone willing to understand the security woes within Pakistan from a human rights perspective, Pakistan Peace Insight is the place to come.



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