‘India wants peaceful Pakistan under its influence’


”Friends quarrel but they remain friends. Enemies cooperate, but they remain enemies.”

This is how lecturer from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad Mr. Raja Qaiser described the Indo-Pak relations while speaking to a group of students here at Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, National Defence University.

Mr. Qaiser presented his views on Indo-Pak relations from Indian perspective.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Raja said that India wanted a peaceful Pakistan under its influence in South Asia.

Mr.Qaiser noted that the current BJP led government in India didn’t want to consider Pakistan a significant actor in its security calculus.  He said that the minus Pakistan Indian policy for SAARC won’t succeed as both countries were interconnected and embedded in mutual hostility.

Mr. Qaiser also said that the Indo-Pak relations had “regressive ability” which meant that no matter how much they flourished, one event could bring down the progress made in harmonizing the relations.


Explaining the attitudes of International community towards India and Pakistan, Mr. Raja noted that the Global powers had the tendency to bracket India with China and Pakistan with Afghanistan.  He said that the US-India nuclear deal signed in 2008 was a moment of silence for Pakistan as we remained American allies in war against terrorism.

He said that the Indian values of liberal democracy, composite culture and secularism had been replaced by Hindutva and Majoritarianism.

He said that a neutral government in Afghanistan with its face towards Pakistan, rather India, is needed for Pakistan.



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