A call for Peace through poetry

The following Poem is written by PCS M Phil Scholar Eman Malik in remembrance of her brother Lt. Faiz Sultan Malik who embraced Martydom on June 11, 2009 while fighting against militants in Mohmand Agency.

Praising the bravery of his brother, Ms. Eman Malik said that his brother volunteered for the Operation Sher Dil against terrorists in Mohmand Agency in 2009.

“He led his men with exemplary motivation & successfully got control of two mountain ridges, named Zaray SAR & Sur Qammar from where terrorists used to control whole Mohmand agency. Lt Faiz rescued an injured soldier as well,” Ms. Malik said adding that he managed to eliminate 35 terrorists.

Ms.Eman said that his brother finally embraced martyrdom by receiving 22 bullets in his chest. Owing to intense fighting between army and the militants, his body could not be recovered for two days from the mountain slope.

In the light of his sacrifices, Lt. Sultan was awarded Sitara-e-Basaalat.Eman malik poem


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